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  • ORSC-v2.5.4   Release ORSC-v2.5.4
    • Updates to the latest ORSC 2.5.4 code
    • Fixes database reset feature to overwrite from all database backups
    • Added documentation for using other preset configs such as RSC Cabbage in single player
    • Added 2.5.3 player database SQL upgrade command guide
    • Promote rank feature now works for all databases
    • Added avatars folder to prevent server crash when using Cabbage config
    • Set all server preset configs to port 53594 to avoid hassle of editing port.txt each time
  • ORSC-v2.5.3.1   Release ORSC-v2.5.3.1
    • Upgrades to ORSC v2.5.3.1 code
    • Player database backup and restore now work correctly as the folder "Backups" is now included

    Note: If you wish to upgrade from a prior version, you will need to create a folder named "Backups" next to the "Required" folder, run the "Windows Open-RSC.cmd" script, select option "3 - Backup database", specify a backup name, then copy the resulting .sql files that are created in the "Backups" folder over to the "Backups" folder in the newly downloaded release version. Run the "Windows Open-RSC.cmd" script and select "4 - Restore database". Specify the same name as before that you gave the backup and it should be ready to play. If not, feel free to reach out for help in the Open RSC Discord.

  • ORSC-v2.5.2.1   Release ORSC-v2.5.2.1
    • Updates to the ORSC-v2.5.2.1 code
  • ORSC-v2.5.2   Release ORSC-v2.5.2

    Fixes #24, adds configs and their associated databases for all additional games

  • ORSC-v2.5.1   Release ORSC-v2.5.1
    ccfe250d · Updates to ORSC-v2.5.1 ·

    Updates code to match ORSC-v2.5.1

  • ORSC-v2.4.0   Release ORSC-v2.4.0
    e0981cce · Updates to ORSC v2.4.0 ·

    Updates to the latest version of the core code v2.4.0

  • ORSC-v2.3.13   Release ORSC-v2.3.13
    • Updates to ORSC v2.3.13
  • ORSC-v2.3.9   Release ORSC-v2.3.9
    • Updates to ORSC v2.3.9
    • Removes non-functional upgrade script option
    • Added game launcher
  • ORSC-v2.3.7   Release ORSC-v2.3.7

    Issues Resolved

    • Dialog clean up for multiple NPCs and more use of NpcId and ItemId references
    • Fixed a typo in Tribal Totem
    • Corrected an issue for email not showing in client player registration if config true
    • Fixed a certer dialogue and cert exchange issue
    • Updated the Android client code to match the PC client code
    • Fixed a death instruction that was not sent to the client properly
    • Corrected a client issue showing the general menu if client zoom was enabled in config
    • Made an improvement to handling an in-combat + dialogue menu crash scenario
    • Added a client fix to Android for general menu if zoom true
    • When purchasing a beer, the player will now be given a beer instead of 1 coin
    • Fixed experience given from spinning a ball of wool
    • Made Aggie accept a jug of water as well as a bucket of water and takes your pot of flour
    • Fixed making soft clay using a bowl of water and clay
    • Suppressed errors from appearing if credentials.txt or hideip.txt files do not exist
    • Set the Android client default longpress timer to 250ms and font size default to 3
    • Added toggle to toggle on or off Android volume button camera rotation
    • Made all Android settings now save to the player cache so it will remember at each launch
    • Added scroll gesture zooming to the Android client
    • Fixed the Android client Android menu logout link spot (had to tap above the link before)
    • Removed Android on-screen chat command buttons
    • Added an icon and title to the PC client (Windows only)
    • Added game launcher world info (players online, logins last 48 hours, registrations today)
    • Improved Prince Ali behavior
    • Corrected Entrana board behavior
    • Leela dialogue options now check if a player has a bronze key
    • Added dialogue to Leela after a player gets the guard drunk
    • Added a check for when a player clicks out of the certer menu
  • ORSC-v2.3.5
    • Updated to ORSC-v2.3.5 code
  • ORSC-v2.3.4

    Issues Resolved

    • Updated to ORSC-v2.3.4 code
    • Added an upgrade menu option to obtain the latest single player release
  • ORSC-v2.3.3

    Issues Resolved

    • Updated code to ORSC-v2.3.3
    • Adjusted scripts to set all to offline and creation timestamp to 0 at launch to solve already logged in problems
    • Set database checking output to a log file
  • ORSC-v2.3.2c

    Issues Resolved

    • Adds an additional game client run script
    • Database is optimized and repaired at start up automatically
    • Launching an additional game client window resets the created timer for unlimited new players
  • ORSC-v2.3.2b

    Issues Resolved

    • Moderators can now summon/return players
    • Fixed issue with Seers party hall command
    • Combined goto and tp to commands
    • Goto command now calculates a point to teleport to independently of the actual teleportation
    • Added git install to clone script
    • Added sudo to killall script command
    • Implemented setcurstat command
    • Fixed object directions in deep legends caverns
    • Rewards from mage arena now will not vanish on drop
    • Switched holy water logic to use restartable event
    • Fixed client shop interface and corrected Betty's shop respawns
    • Corrected spade and updated Thordur's shop
    • Updated weapon poison mechanics
    • Fixed mage arena mini-quest
    • Corrected several overpopulated NPC spawns
    • Divided database import files into player structure and server structure/data
    • Invisible players can no longer be attacked
    • Staff accounts no longer drop items on death
    • Invisible players no longer show teleport bubbles
    • Simplified TP teleport bubble code
    • Invisible logic now checks based on the viewing mob
    • Further refactoring invisibility/invulnerability logic
    • Added recharge command
    • Added setprayer command
    • Gnome restaurant and Blurberry bar use now ItemIDs and added some orders
    • Refactor renamed package of mage arena into minigames
    • Quick bank command now allows admins to show any player the bank screen
    • Updated Admin and mod commands to conform with conventions
    • Onlinelist command now shows player combat level for staff
    • Invisible/Invulnerable/Skull commands now accept boolean input rather than just toggle
    • Added command to give a player an item directly to bank
    • Added freezexp command to disallow a player from gaining exp
    • Setstat and setcurstat commands can now be used by event staff rank
    • Staff members can now chat in tutorial island
    • Fixed issue with invulnerable and invisible commands where you could not make other players invisible as admin
    • Fixed issue where mute command would access args outside of bounds
    • Fixed issue where gmute command would access args out of bounds
    • Added button to hide ip on client
    • Removed JavaFX lib folder and dependency
    • Set avatars and hide ip to true in default conf
    • Admins can now see chat from tutorial island and muted players
    • Players who are muted are automatically muted in global chat
    • Tpto and goto commands now set a return point for admin use
    • Refactored global holiday drop logic into a class
    • Added command to stop running holiday drop and npc loot event
    • Added command to check the currently running holiday drop and npc loot event
    • Adding missing objects in fishing trawler
    • Fixed issue where invulnerable/invisible players could be aggro'd by mobs
    • Updated Android client to current code base
    • Updated Android client icon and changed loading screen to match
  • ORSC-v2.3.1b

    Issues Resolved

    • Sets ant build file to target Java 8 for compatibility
    • Pre-compiled game server with Java 8 target
    • Replaces invalid text characters in config
  • ORSC-v2.3.1.2
  • ORSC-v2.3.2
  • ORSC-v2.3.1

    First Release!

    • Contains pre-compiled ORSC-v2.3.1 code
    • No compiling or file editing needed
    • No installation required
    • Player database backup, restore, and reset included
    • Just run Open-RSC.cmd and enjoy