Release ORSC-v2.4.0

Issues Resolved

  • Added in-game account recovery, password changing, and contact details
  • Added server configuration for enabling or disabling fatigue
  • Added a game selection dialog to Android client
  • Implemented many make commands to support Laravel website development
  • Added missing message when a kitten becomes a cat
  • Refactor renamed package "deefault" to "default" within the server plugins
  • Added the final client revision login codes and handling, including authentic in-game mute dialog option when reporting abuse for mods
  • Implemented a natural walk animation when crossing the Al Kharid gate from Lumbridge
  • Reorganized the custom social/general menu and added a significant number of mudclient menu comments
  • Enabled the achievement GUI for future implementation
  • Performed a large amount of window height variable refactoring in the mudclient
  • Fixed the items on death menu interface link so it no longer opens when clicking other menu options
  • Added additional logic to NPCs that retreat
  • Added quest related eating message for special defense cabbage, slice of cake, and rotten apples
  • Buckets can only be used on the well instead of other non-authentic refillable items
  • Added minigame instance registration
  • Launcher now reflects RSC Cabbage being released and no longer in beta